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“I tried every way in the world not to do it,” said Brindle, “but I didn’t think I had an option.” “I didn’t think anything improper would happen,” said Brindle, 49. Rogers insisted on having his massages in the nude, but Brindle said she was always careful to keep a bedsheet over his lower buttocks and lower body. But after giving him massages for about six months, she said one day he asked her to massage a groin muscle and was ostensibly showing her where it was when he grabbed her hand, wrapped it around his penis and held it there as he forced her to masturbate him. “I was stunned,” said Brindle, dabbing her eye with a tissue. “I couldn’t process it.” A single mother with an array of heath issues, Brindle said she feared losing a job that she otherwise found pleasant enough. She said Rogers fired her after she broke her leg in 2009, then rehired her several months later for higher pay and with greater responsibilities. Rogers would continue to demand such service throughout the years until 2012, when Brindle sought advice from Butters and Cohen. They met with her and an investigator to instruct her how to set up the hidden camera. Brindle hoped to “hold Joe accountable,” she said, by suing him for sexual harassment. Under questioning by her attorney, Reid Thompson, as to whether she ever “flat out told him ‘no,’” Brindle admitted that she acquiesced, albeit grudgingly. “Nobody says no to Joe,” said Brindle, saying she knew there would be “consequences” if she crossed her powerful boss.

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